About Our Unique Services

After many years of providing land surveying service in Texas and Oklahoma, I started to notice a need to bring the highest level of expertise in order to protect the record of the land thus increasing value of property rights all over the world; private and public boundaries and even interstate and international borders.  In the last couple of years, there has been an increase of policy makers and the legal profession’s quest for understanding boundary law and its application.  As the professional land surveyor is now being formally educated at the same time attrition is narrowing the market, a limited number of professionals skilled in respective areas within land surveying are available to review complex boundary issues.

Boundary resolution is not always clear and regional application is sometimes a necessity.  I spent over a decade to increase my knowledge of cadastral systems in order to assist the public to better reason the importance of proper boundary surveying.  Our experts offer educational information for public awareness and professional development. 

But more importantly, we review the boundary issues with attorneys to, first, offer opinions to claim legitimacy and, second, facilitate experts within respective fields of land surveying in order to defend the record of the land.

Edwards Surveying, LLC, has been continually operating in north central Texas since 1975 offering land surveying services in Texas and Oklahoma.  The future of our unique service is quickly becoming a much needed resource in boundary knowledge and has set is goals to provide a more diverse clientele all over the world:

  • Building a consortium of professionals within the fields of cadastral sciences
  • Offer speaking engagements to various public groups
  • Create educational information for all ages of learning

To learn more about how Edwards Surveying can benefit your next project or find out how you can be a part of this growing venture, please submit the following form and someone will be in contact with you.