Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Land surveying is the basis of what keeps our economy going.  Today's land surveyors are mainly reconstructing what has been originally divided out of the sovereign which is what the taxation system is rooted.  Land surveying is one of the oldest forms of service to the public.  The record of the land and its position on Earth is protected by many laws and precedenting court cases, including the Bible


The city/county is requiring me to have a plat and they won't accept my survey.  Why?

We are constantly getting requests to prepare a plat because the city/county is requiring one to have a permit issued. The confusion is that not many understand the difference between a sketch of a survey and a plat prepared for recordation with the county to be filed in the plat records.

Not all municipalities have the same requirements but most usually have some rules and regulations that dictate what is required on a plat of record which is typically in addition to a standard sketch of a survey. However, all jurisdictions have to follow either Chapter 212 or 232 of the Texas Local Government Code for subdivision of a piece of property which will trigger the platting process. The rules and regulations that would have to be followed is which jurisdiction the tract resides but it would have to also be the most stringent set of rules.

I put together an example of the striking visual differences of a plat that will be filed of record and a sketch for a traditional boundary survey. Both are in the same subdivision but for different purposes.