Land Systems Consulting Group

… when boundaries are not so obvious!

Davey Edwards, PhD, created Land Systems Consulting Group to provide a highly specialized service in the analysis of original land grant and ambiguous border treaty issues. He has worked on the reconstruction of obliterated land grants with little to no original monumentation and even sparsely detailed notes.

Over the last two decades, Dr. Edwards has put together a professional licensure, higher education, and an unprecedented portfolio that has placed him in an elite group of cadastral scientist. He has been in the fields and researched through numerous records on all projects. His expertise in riparian and littoral boundaries combined with a keen understanding of the original land grant uniqueness has given him the reputation that is sought by legal counsel and governmental officials when issues arise.

Land Systems Consulting Group provides the following services:

  • consultation for boundary litigation
  • litigation and mediation support, including:
    • analysis of historic land grant and border treaty delimitations
    • cartographic interpretation and exhibit creation
  • expert advice to private and public entities about boundary locations
  • expert witness testimony in matters related to boundary determination

Interstate Riparian Border Expert

For years, Davey Edwards has actively sought to work on some of the most difficult and controversial boundary issues that most professional land surveyors avoid. This has made his services the most sought by the public and private property owners in Texas and Oklahoma. His expertise is working on riparian (river) boundaries which is what his education was focused. In 2014, the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, Jerry Patterson, sought his services to protect the State of Texas and Texas private owners along the Red River from Federal boundary claims along the Red River. By 2017, these claims were retracted after Davey worked with US Congress to get a bill passed and the State of Texas through intervening in the Aderholt v. U.S. Bureau of Land Management law suit. Davey continues to work on boundary surveys on both sides of the Red River from Bowie to Hall Counties.

Davey Edwards, PhD

  • Education
    • University of Texas at Dallas, PhD Geosciences, 2016
    • Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, MS Geospatial Surveying Engineering, 2009
    • Texas A&M University – College Station, BS Biomedical Science, 1994
  • Languages
    • English (native)
  • Professional Licenses
    • Texas (5627) and Oklahoma (1612) professional land surveyor
    • Texas licensed state land surveyor
    • U.S. certified Federal land surveyor (1038)